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Healthy Work Ep. 55: What’s in a Calling

I was a featured guest on a fellow I-O psychology professor’s podcast discussing new papers in our field. Here, I discussed our new conceptualization of calling, a theory paper outlining different ways of understanding modern callings in work that can potentially lead to healthier outcomes.

SHORT Talks: Preparing for PhD Applications as an Undergrad

SHORT Talks is the official podcast of Project SHORT (Students for Higher-Ed Opportunities and Representation in Training), a nonprofit organization which provides mentorship and resources to graduate school applicants. In this episode: PhD applications are becoming more and more competitive, so knowing how to prepare is extremely important. We reflect on what early steps you can take to strengthen your CV and application. Featuring Project SHORT mentors Steven Zhou and Esther Park.

PsychSessions@ACT 2022 Episode 04: Steven Zhou

This series of interviews was conducted at STP’s Annual Conference on Teaching (ACT) in Pittsburgh, PA, on October 21-22, 2022. In my short interview, I discussed my presentation on writing op-eds and my experiences as a graduate student.

More of a Comment Than a Question Season 3 Episode 4: No Average Zhou (with Steven Zhou)

In this episode we are joined by Steven Zhou, a graduate student in I-O Psychology at George Mason University, to discuss personality types. good and bad science communication, and what a healthy skepticism of academic research looks like.

Moving Forward with Young Voices (multiple episodes)

Throughout 2021, I had the pleasure of appearing on multiple episodes of the Young Voices podcast as a contributing writer. I shared about data visualization, personality testing, the SAT, teaching of statistics, and the value of liberal arts education.


Outside of research talks at academic conferences and departmental “lunch & learns”, here are some selected invited talks that I have given in recent years:

  • “Academic publishing and its impact on speech,” invited talk to the Leadership Institute college student group, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. See sample slides here.
  • “Introduction to I-O psychology and scientific research,” invited talk to the Sycamore School, Arlington, VA. See sample slides here.
  • “Introduction to leadership theory and practice,” invited talk to the Alibaba International – Aliexpress Chief Technology Officer and staff, Hangzhou, China.

TV & Other Media

BoldTV: Why Personality Tests Might Be Useless

We’ve all taken a personality test, whether through a Facebook post or a school activity. While they can be used for fun, more and more employers are using personality tests in their hiring processes. Should these assessments be used in the workplace? It’s complicated.

I’ve love to talk with your group on topics such as I-O psychology, leadership, personality, statistics, and higher education. Contact me if you’re interested!